About Samudaik Kalyan Evam Vikas Sansthan (SKVS)

Samudaik Kalyan Evam Vikas Sansthan (Community Welfare and Development Society), Kushinagar well known as ‘SKVS’ is a Dalit women headed voluntary organization, based at Kushinagar-a most backward district in Uttar Pradesh (India) located at the border of district Maharajganj in the north, adjacent to Indo-Nepal Border and State Bihar in the east.
The organization came into existence with the sacred objective to ensure the rights of Dalit/Musahar community especially women and children with the ultimate aim leading to a social equality.

SKVS is a running and managed as women headed organization with devoted Governing board members and dedicated workers. The Board of SKVS consists of 7 Women Representatives from marginalized communities like a Dalit, Muslim etc. Representatives from SHG, federations and prominent individuals are playing major role in the organization decision making process. The internal systems include a comprehensive human resources (HR) policy and proactive staff training, development and involvement programs. SKVS strongly believes in collaborations and partnership in achieving the vision and mission.

SKVS experienced and involved in the advocacy through community empowerment for the access and entitlement of the Marginalized community –Musahar (Rat catching community), Muslims, and SC etc. - in the District Kushinagar since the incorporation of the organization. We have advocated for the Land rights, Women rights and child Rights among these communities the result of which the women of the marginalized community in the focus areas have increased understanding on various Govt. Schemes in our present intervention areas.

Why Supports us ?

The Samudaik Kalyan Evam Vikas Sansthan is an innovative implementing agencies based in Uttar Pradesh in India with a vision for positive social change and protection of human rights of Dalits/Mushar in Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh. It fills a critical gap by providing resources to individuals, community-based organisations, and networks at levels where the needs are enormous, discrimination and human rights violations mainly serious, and access to resources extremely limited.