About us

Samudaik Kalyan Evam Vikas Sansthan (Community Welfare and Development Society), Kushinagar is a Women lead voluntary organization, formed by likeminded people. The organization is based at Kushinagar. This district of Uttar Pradesh is situated at the border of district Maharajganj and towards north; it is adjacent to Indo-Nepal Border and the neighboring state Bihar in the east. The organization came in existence with the sacred objective of ensuring the rights of Dalit/minority/socially excluded women and children with the ultimate aim leading to social equality.SKVS is a woman headed organization which is professionally functioning and managed by devoted governing board and dedicated staff. The Board of SKVS consists of 7 women representatives from marginalized sections, SHG federations and prominent individuals. The internal system includes a comprehensive human resources (HR) policy and proactive staff training, development and involvement programs. SKVS strongly believes in collaborations and partnership in achieving the vision and mission.

We have been mostly involved in advocacy for the access to the entitlement and rights of marginalized communities –Musahar (Rat catching community), Muslims, SCs etc. – in our working area throughout the district Kushinagar since the incorporation of the organization. We have advocated for the Land rights, women’s rights and child Rights among all these communities and as a result, women of these marginalized communities have now started understanding various issues and government schemes running for their betterment in our intervention area.

Empowerment of Dalits through targeted interventions in reference to their socio economic conditions is main focus of SKVS programmes. It has adopted right based approach to provide equality and justice to exploited Dalit people. Fact finding surveys on the cases of Dalit atrocity are our regular feature. Presently SKVS is the key member organization of DAG (Dalit Action Group) and handling all its affairs with the support of other member organisations. SKVS Chairperson is honorary President of DAG.