Capacity Building Programme

SKVS particularly works in the focussed area with action plan. The first & foremost thing to proceed through this action plan is the capacity building of staff, management, stakeholders & community based organizations so that the purpose of working could provide better output.

Capacity building activities will help to sensitize & orient the staff & at the same time it is helpful to prioritise & raise issues of socially excluded communities. Also, this will help in better representation and to have more voices in CSOs, government decision making bodies & committees at village/ block/ district & state levels.

Capacity building of staff is helpful to understand the priorities of the excluded communities and at the same time will lead to create better understanding between the CBOs and the organization. It will create an enabling environment for the socially excluded groups, especially women. It will help them to capture the community’s perspective on key issues and in designing a route map to address them.

Stakeholders like PRIs, govt officials, etc at different levels are the mode in the process to reach the goal of SKVS. The Capacity building of stake holders helps to create a link between the focus group and the stakeholders. The condition of these communities can be improved as their participation in decision making process at panchayat level is increased. It will enable them to access the entitlements meant for them.

CBOs capacity building enable the community to come-up with collective approach so that the population from the deprived segments within the community will have better representation in decision making processes with local bodies & committees at village, block, district & state level. It enables them to understand different provisions of govt. schemes and acts which they have not been accessing due to lack of awareness and proper information.