Our Objectives

Objectives of the Organisation

  • To enhance the capacity of socially excluded community & the people in the area so that they can demand & access the entitlements meant for them.
  • To make service providers more responsive & more accountable to socially excluded groups.
  • To promote Dalit/mushars women leadership to address the issue of social justice.
  • To generate awareness in the community on the health of Women and Children and on the prevention and cure of Life threatening water borne diseases spread through the Mosquitoes like Encephalitis Create public understanding on the situation of Dalits/Musahar and their right to equality.
  • To promote quality education among the marginalized children.
  • To enhance the access of the community to the welfare schemes of the Government.
  • To work for the dignity, equality and ensuring their access to resources.
  • To eradicate untouchability, social discrimination and caste-based atrocities, with special focus on Dalit/Musahar women.
  • To increase the livelihood opportunities among the deprived and marginalized section of the community through income generation programmes.
  • To create mass awareness in the community for abolishing the discrimination due to Gender.
  • To create awareness in the community on various important legal aspects.