System in Place for Technical and Financial Management

  • Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Systems:

A MIS system has been developed at the grass root level, which is maintained by the Community Level Workers [CLWs]. This system has all kind of data and detailed information regarding the activities executed at grassroots level. The central level MIS is compiled and maintained on the basis of grass root level MIS system

  • Financial Management System
  1. Regular maintenance of project wise cash book and ledger.
  2. Withdrawal with joint signatories of Governing board.
  3. Staff saving group for personal advances.
  4. Regular maintenance of staff attendance registers.
  5. Regular maintenance of Log Book for vehicles followed by movement register, daily diary and daily action plan.
  6. Yearly audit of project wise financial records.

Short Term Goal

To bring the Dalit/Mushar into developmental stream and ensure that they have equal rights to live a life with dignity in the society. In addition the aim is to build skills through legal rights like MNREGA Act, RTI, RTE, SC/ST Act, DV Act and organized Dalit women leadership workshops, training, exposure, village level campaign and cluster level meetings etc.

Long Term Goal

In the long term goal is to nurture and strengthen grassroots level CBOs, thereby strengthening the Dalit Movement. An issue such as caste discrimination is all about struggling against and challenging a certain kind of mind-set. Hence, the change would come about gradually over a long period of time. Significant changes can be brought about only if more CBOs are supported and leadership, with a special focus on women, is encouraged and cultivated from within the discriminated community.