The Hans Foundation: “Empowerment of Adolescents through Tailoring Training & Awareness”
Target Area : Motichak
Duration of the Project : October 2012 to June 2013
Thematic Area : Livelihood (training on sewing and tailoring)
Objective of the project

  • The objective of the course is to impart necessary competencies (With the focus on technical competencies like skill and knowledge) so that they become employable in the small scale tailoring industry and are able to setup an own tailor’s syllabus shop.
  • The main focus of the training is on stitching operations and basic pattern making.
  • Since the industrial production will be of increasing importance in the domestic market the tailor’s shop will be in a more competitive situation. Therefore, it is very important that the training of Cutting & Sewing focuses more on quality consciousness in order to improve the sewing performance in the tailor’s shops.
  • At the end of the trainings the trainees will be able to-Convert given pattern designs into a pattern for individual measurement and to stitch a dress accordingly to an agreed quality standard.


No. of adolescents 105, these adolescent were vulnerable and from socially excluded group and their parents monthly income was Rs. 1500/- and no option were there of work for the adolescent girls in the village. SKVS and THF took it as a challenge & opportunity to move forward adolescents. Today they girls are working & generating income of Rs. 1500- 2000/- monthly with the help of this training.

Deliverables of the project

  • Adolescent gain knowledge through sewing and tailoring training and get on sewing machine and quickly start working for livelihood through training.
  • During this month project staff has organized a meeting with adolescent group to introduce them regarding family’s basic practical information.
  • During these activities we tried to make common understanding among the adolescent regarding communicable disease, STI, HIV/AIDs and reproductive health.
  • During the training we also focused on personal hygiene and tried to make them understand how they can protect them self and their family by keeping personal hygiene.

Results achieved

In the working area of Motichak under (SKVS), no such schemes were there to which the women and the adolescents can be attached and do something.

In 2012-13, a project called “Sewing Tailoring” was started by “The Hans Foundation” for the empowerment of the adolescents. This project was been continued for 6 months and 105 adolescents were trained under this project. This training has made them capable enough to co-operate their father and to fulfil the financial needs of their family. Many of them have started cutting and sewing clothes of the village people and earning good. This has made the economic condition of their family much better than before. One of the women has opened her own centre in the city and earning about 6000-7000/ per month. Rest of the adolescents are earning about 1800-2000/ per month working from their home. This has been a great achievement of our project that has made it successful.