Project Name:Promoting Dalit Child Elementary Education in Purvanchal (UP)

THEME: Essential Education
AIM: The Right to Essential ServicesOXFAM is focusing on effective implementation of Right to Education Act in Kushinagar District. The overall purpose of the proposed concept is to provide opportunities for school dropout (06-14 years) with quality education and linking them with formal schools. OXFAM is generating advocacy at larger level with alliance of CSO & RTE activist for improvement of educational level of Dalit & marginalized children.

  • Capacity building for deepening of collective voice of Dalit community, SMCs, PRIs, teachers’, CBOs, CSOs, and children for effective implementation of RTE Act in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Community based monitoring of village education and tracking implementation of Act.
  • Strengthening existing education system and advocacy for effective implementation of RTE Act.
STRATEGIES that are been followed to catch the goal
  • With the engagement of SMC members, teachers, PRI members and children tracking and enrolment of dropout children for RTEA implementation
  • Capacity building of SMC members, CSOs, PRI members, teachers, children and other stakeholders on RTEA.
  • Systemic readiness intervention with teachers on pedagogic aspects by using teaching learning materials (TLMs).
  • Network meeting with NGO’s, ccommunity meeting, block level meeting with Gram Pradhans, teacher union & SMC meeting, youth meeting, Political leaders/CBOs/Social activist meeting.
Following activities are been doing by SKVS for better implementation of essential education under OXFAM Project.
  • Capacity building of SMC/Parents, teachers on pedagogic aspects & teaching methodologies for RTE Act implementation.
  • Community based monitoring & promoting learning.
  • Advocacy for effective implementation of RTE Act & strengthening of education system.
  • Development of Decentralized Education Plan.
  • Good relation is been build between teachers & parents.
  • 30 Baal Manch groups has been made, each group consists of about 40-45 children.
Motive of Baal Manch

To provide friendly environment to children’s, to make children more knowledgeable towards education in more interesting way, to attract other children who are drop out or not going to school due to any reason, to identify the dropout children, to aware them on Child Right Act through different mediums.

  • Children participated the “Jashn- e- Bachpan: Abhivyakti” programme held at Lucknow on the occasion of “International Child Right Day” on 20th Nov 2013.
  • 30 Mahila Sangathan has been made.
Mahila Sangathan

Capacity buildings of women’s, strengthening, awareness on RTE Act, awareness on Child Right Act & motivation on “School Chalo Abhiyan”

  • Just and fair formation of new School Management Committees (SMCs) is been built in democratic way where ccommunity persons were elected included women for different posts like treasurer, president, secretary etc due to the intervene of SKVS.
  • 860 drop out children has been enrolled due to the fine efforts of SKVS.